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Heritage Newspaper, 2003 & 2005

March 26, 2003: "The Jumbo Shrimp Scampi is full of minced husband and I have eaten there for 12-13 years, and it's great every time." October 29, 2003: "The cannelloni is superb!" February 2005: "The wait staff goes the extra mile for you...excellent food, six star service... The waiters are always on standby outside the kitchen watching their tables. It's perfect fine dining..."

The Oakland Press, March 2001 (by Molly Abraham)

"The big, cream-colored menus on heavy paper are right out of restaurants of old. And so is the list of familiar Italian dishes and the setting, with soft diffused light reflecting off mirrored walls and framed still lifes and glinting from the big gold tins of olive oil being wielded by waiters in black tie. That's Sinatra in the background." "...the Allen Park hideaway is untrendy. Completely and refreshingly untrendy." "... you are in for some pampering by a staff trained in the art of serving...Though formally dressed, with the busboys in crisp white jackets reminiscent of cruise ship stewards and the waiters in tuxes, it's comfortable rather than pretentious." "These are professional servers - and every one of them started at Moro's at the bottom. The only route to becoming a waiter here is starting as a dishwasher and working upward." "Proprietor Tom Moro knows all about hard work. He started in the kitchen at Mario's on Second Avenue in Detroit at the age of 15, and though he couldn't have known it at the time, taking the menial job turned out to be the road to a culinary education. The year was 1968, and Mario's was in its heyday under founder Mario Lelli, whom Moro calls "the maestro." I can think of only a few people who have had as profound an influence on Detroit restaurants as has this larger-than-life character."...the fragrance of the simmering sauces, the cheeses and the butter sizzling in the saute pans is as seductive as the low-lit ambiance." "...minestrone - its rich tomato broth thick with spinach, carrots and tiny nuggets of pasta - and some of the crusty bread, or even better, an order of garlic toast. A fresh, eggy lettuce salad dotted with chickpeas is tossed tableside and dressed with the simplest olive oil and wine vinegar puts to shame some fancier treatments." "This little oasis is a very good place to know about when traveling to or from Metropolitan Airport, as many hungry travelers have learned. It is within 10 minutes drive of the terminals and a vastly superior choice to anything available there."

Midwest Food Service News, January/February 2005

"Our Menu is Northern Italian cuisine with an international flair, including French, Greek and Hungarian dishes." "Many of the Moro's dinners are cooked table side with dramatic flourish, including steaks, such as Château Briand and seafood such as sautéed shrimp." " Our flaming desserts are known around the world...Food Network has named us among the top five flaming food restaurants." "Moro's soups have been featured in Bon Appetite magazine and include the house minestrone and New England Clam Chowder." "The restaurant also offers a full bar and a wine list with over 100 titles." "We Train our wait staff to anticipate what customers need before they have to ask, this is a throw back to the 1930's and 1940's, which was the age of the old hotel style restaurant service. "The singing waiter sings standard Italian songs and party song, in addition to waiting tables. He is very talented and quite renowned as he takes summers off to sing with a touring choir."

Hour Magazine, March 2000

Piles of good-very good-old fashion Italian comfort food is the hallmark of this downriver favorite."

The Jewish News, February 1998 (by Danny Raskin)

"Excellent cuisine... Its wonderful service and presentation of food ... the astoundingly low prices ... thorough cleanliness ... gracious surroundings." "The sometimes lost art of tableside preparation is a big Moro's feature." "The flaming desserts from well-stocked carts are like so many I used to know years back..." "We had Strawberries Romanoff served over French vanilla ice cream, and remembering when it was served to us years back at the Pump Room in Chicago's Palmer House Hotel. Would you believe this one was better?" "The Italian food at Moro's is superbly prepared with entrees accompanied by the tableside salad and excellent full bodied minestrone soup available, and those thinly-sliced baked Anna Potatoes you just don't see at too many places anymore." "Authentic elegance is exemplified when a bowl of fresh fruit is brought to your table after dinner, what a neat touch." "It's nice to see bus persons, taking water away and bringing fresh glasses ... spotless restrooms ... a soft ambience that allows for delicate conversation."

Detroit Free Press, July 2005

"A fireplace in a cozy corner, subdued lighting, brick walls and white linen tablecloths add romantic ambiance." "The appetizer platter-the antipasto Renee was easily a meal in itself." " The rich, creamy clam chowder was awesome and worth a visit all by itself." "You don't want to miss the flaming desserts, which are like miniature magic shows at your table."

Other Endorsements

  • Featured on PBS "Dining out" with Jonathan Swift.
  • Top Five Food Network "Top Five Flaming Foods."

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